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Our 2020 Glow-up

Wow, can we just start this by saying what a year 2020 has been?!

Firstly, I want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for your support and loyalty this year. Between Covid, babies, website changes, new staff & booking systems, it has really allowed me to be so grateful for the support offered from our Rustic Roots family and the Sooke Community.

I would like to start by welcoming Symphony to the team! Symphony has been working hard to master her balayage and foiling skills over the past few months. She is so talented and taking on new clients, so if you're looking for a new color this fall, she is your girl!

I would also like to welcome back Melissa to the studio. She is slowly coming back from her Maternity Leave. I am so excited to have her amazing energy and skills back in the studio. You can find the link to contact Melissa directly in the "TEAM" section of our website. 

I am so grateful to have both of these amazing stylists available to help serve you while I take some time to settle into a family of 5.

As you may have noticed, I have been working hard the past few months on our digital makeover. As Rustic Roots has evolved, we needed to make some back end shifts to help make our digital process easier and more streamlined for our guests. I do want to fill you in some of the changes we have made as we are no longer a studio of one.

Our Website - We have made a whole new site, with easier access to book online, describe our updated services, & to find out how to contact us. The domain name has changed, but we have updated all of our links on Google, Facebook and Instagram to make sure you end up in the correct place. 

How We Book Appointments - OK, this is a big one. With all the changes happening (especially with me heading out on mat leave), I wanted to make sure everyone could book and nothing would get lost or missed. Rustic Roots will no longer be taking appointments via Text or DM. We have a new shop email - to which we respond to emails during the week to make sure we can get back to you (it keeps all the communication in the same place so no one gets missed). There is also a link directly to book online through our website where you can book, & reschedule your appointment at your own convenience. Melissa will be managing her own bookings, and you can find the link to contact her directly in the button in her bio on the website. 

Our Phone - So once upon a time, when Rustic Roots was just a baby, we were just a one man shop. During our glow up and added team members, we needed to have a way where you could contact the shop (especially if I am not there). Our studio number is - 250-732-3831 (the old cell number) where you can call and Symphony will be happy to book you in or answer any questions for you when she is in the studio. 

Social Media - I will still have my instagram to reach out to all of you, However stay tuned on the new instagram page as we will be posting product updates, sales, appointment openings and more through that page. Speaking of which, I promised you that I would announce the winner! 

Congratulations to Nikole Hennessy! You won our latest contest to celebrate our digital glow-up and we are so glad to announce it on our blog. Stay tuned for hair hacks and updates here also!

Thank You all again for all your love and support. Without you guys we wouldn't be able to grow, and keep doing what we love - Working with you to create your West Coast Hair experience.

- Kristina

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