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Owner / Master Stylist

Kristina loves all aspects of hair, specializing free hand hair painting (Balayage), foilayage and blonding.

She loves seeing the natural flow of the hair and working with it to give you a cut that best suit you and your every day life!

Always knowing that she would get into hair, after working with animals, Kristina graduated in 2010 at the top of her class. Working in a high end salon and attending education and hair shows, she felt it was time to open her unique studio in 2014. 

As most would agree, Kristina loves making people feel confident and comfortable when walking out the door. Helping people’s beauty shine not only on the outside, but the inside too. 

*Please email any appointment inquiries as Kristina's online booking is currently not available*




Master Stylist

Estela loves what she does. It brings her so much joy helping her guests achieve a style that makes them feel beautiful.

Graduating from the Academy Of Excellence in 2005 with a diploma in Cosmetology, Estela feels blessed to have had the opportunity to continue to grow as a stylist over the last 12 years.


Staying current and attending classes in precision cutting and colouring is important to her, and she continues to feel inspired.


Estela looks forward to

meeting you and creating a look that fits you perfectly!



Advanced Stylist

Rachael loves that hair is an "art". 

She has always been very creative, and still loves to paint.

She loves that she can create art within the hair and clients can express themselves and show their personality through that.


 Her hair journey started while she was in high school at age 15 in Ontario. She completed 2 years of college in hair styling , then with another three thousand hours, she completed her her hair exam and received her Red Seal. 


Rachael loves working on icy blondes, or fashion colours. She loves seeing the transformation on someones hair, and seeing the joy it brings to her guest! 

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Chelsea Schultz

Master Stylist

Chelsea loves variety in her life and in her chair!

She enjoys working with all different lengths, colors, textures and styles. She is drawn to the satisfaction of blonding service whether is be lived in Balayage, blended baby-lights or transitioning to natural! Deep rich shades. Impact vivids also feed her creativity! Chelsea loves working with you to find a style that feels amazing and works well with your look and lifestyle.

Chelsea completed her training back in 2015 at the Academy of Excellence. Since then she branched out into lash extensions and salon management, but her passion brought her back behind the chair where her meticulous, artistic and outgoing personality can shine!

Besides creating beautiful hair, connecting with other interesting human beings might be her favourite part about her career. Helping her clients feel special and well taken care of is very fulfilling. Chelsea loves that no two days or heads of hair are the same and celebrates the uniqueness of everyone in her chair.



Advanced Stylist

Beth has been doing hair since she was a little girl. Coloring her family and friends’ hair and even cutting attempts with kitchen scissors.  She graduated with honors at John Casablancas institute in Vancouver over ten years ago; and has continued her education with many classes to keep her the top of her game. Education is continuous as a stylist as trends and techniques evolve, making this such an exciting aspect of this career for Beth. 


Beth is inspired by French effortless styles, natural color, and everyday wearable cuts. she finds giving her clients tailored cuts and colors a thrill to her career.  Hair has always been an inspiration for Beth but more importantly is the relationship built between client and stylist. She loves to get to know her clients and enjoys this aspect of styling the most.  If she wasn't a stylist, she would be a therapist hands down!



Junior Stylist

Jackie may look a little familiar...she was our receptionist, the first friendly face you would see when you walked through the door.

As Jackie is close to finishing up her time at hair school, she has started working in the salon part-time, creating gorgeous hair magic!

She currently offers limited services at a lower rate, gaining practice, doing what she loves, and wow-ing us all with her growing talents. 

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